Wolverines Spartans Game Recap

Michigan Michigan State Game Recap

For the past several weeks we have been hyping this game up as chance to beat up our Little Brother. Well apparently no one ever told the Michigan State players because Little Brother stood tall and popped us right in the chin with a uppercut in that first half last night. An uppercut that left the Michigan Players and Fans stunned being down 14-3 in the 2nd quarter. The Wolverines had tall order to comeback while playing against the Spartans, Mother Nature and their own QB.

1st Half

The Wolverines actually came out on the 1st possession of the game looking like they had an opportunity to make this game a blowout. QB John O’Korn marched them down the field on a 16 play drive for 64 yards lasting almost seven minutes. They ran the ball 10 of the first 13 plays getting them down to the MSU 11 yard line. From there, the game plan for the rest of the game seemed to change. The Wolverines threw back to back fade patterns incomplete forcing them to settle for a Nordin field goal. The 2nd fade was especially puzzling since the fade was thrown to McDoom who is no way known for his in the air ball skills.

The Defense now on the field for the first time quickly forces MSU into a quick 3 and out and punt. This game looks like it is going to be a cake walk at this point from a Michigan’s fan perspective. The game and momentum then changed on a Ty Isaac fumble. This gave life to the Spartans who seemed to already be reeling. MSU quickly turned the turnover into a 7-3 lead with a 14 yard run from QB Brian Lewerke. After exchanging punts, MSU went on a 9 play, 83 yard drive making the Michigan defense look confused. They especially had them out of sorts on the 16 yard screen play that capped the drive with a TD. MSU went into halftime leading 14-3.

2nd Half

With rain and storms forecasted to hit the Big House at some point in the 3rd quarter, the Wolverines knew they had to come on fire in the 2nd half. The Defense did just that forcing MSU to back to back 3 and outs and only allowing five yards total on those two possessions. O’Korn and the offense took advantage of great field possession and cut the lead to 14-10 on a one yard Khalid Hill TD run.

Then the Skies opened and the rain started coming down in buckets for the rest of the game. Neither team could move the ball at all. While the Michigan defense was forcing MSU to punt seven of their eight 2nd half possessions (forcing fumble on the 8th), John O’Korn continued to hand it right back over to the Spartans while throwing three interceptions.

O’Korn is known to be a dual threat QB and this was the perfect time to unleash that. With the rain making both offenses stuck in quick sand, O’Korn’s ability to run would have really been helpful. Never was a QB run called while O’Korn ended the day with -9 yards rushing. When throwing the ball, O’Korn continued to look confused from what he was seeing from the Spartans secondary. He was locking in on targets and not recognizing the defensive backs lurking a few yards away.

The game basically was over once the rain started with the score staying the same the rest of way. MSU high tailed their way back to East Lansing last night with a 14-10 win knowing that they came into the Big House and stole a game from a better team.

Now What?

The Defense played great aside from a few plays in the 1st half where they were caught out of position, which seemed to be more of a play call issue than player error. The Offense however is so far behind the defense. This team reminds me of those Tampa Bay Bucs and Baltimore Ravens teams that relied so heavily on their defense and basically just needed their offense not to blow the game for us. Last night, the offense definitely blew the game for the Wolverines while turning the ball over five times.

With Wilton Speight out, which looks to be for several weeks more, where can the Wolverines turn for answers. O’Korn is not the answer no matter what Harbaugh thinks and wants to tell you especially if they aren’t going to use his entire skill set. Harbaugh has seemed very reluctant to turn towards Brandon Peters for some reason but we will see. Three interceptions tend to force a Head Coaches hand sometime to make a change.


Feature Photo Credit: The Wolverine.com

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