Detroit Lions Week 5 Recap

Utterly Disappointing

Not many words can describe the feeling Detroit Lions fans are feeling right now. Throughout the first 4 games, the Lions looked as if they could beat anybody in the league. After today, there is much deserved doubt.

The Detroit Lions lost 27-24 to the Carolina Panthers on a failed comeback attempt. The defense looked lost, giving up 382 yards and a plethora of big plays. The offense did not look any better (besides the last two drives). While the running game was solid in the first half, the team strayed away after falling behind in the second. The passing game was abysmal up until the last 10 minutes in the game. All in all, there are a lot of things to clean up in Detroit.

The Good:

  • If there was anything positive to take away from this game, it’s probably the run game. Ameer Abdullah & Zach Zenner ran the ball quite effectively, although the stat sheet doesn’t exactly show that (13 Att, 42 yards). Zenner got the lone rushing touchdown, as Abdullah looked explosive in the first quarter. After falling behind, the running game played second fiddle.
  • They tried to comeback late in the game, but fell short as they were unable to stop the Panthers on a game defining 3rd down. Despite falling short, they did look good in those last 2 drives. Hopefully they can build off of those.
  • Sorry guys, that’s about it.

The Bad:

  • Just about everything. There wasn’t much of anything positive to take away from this horrific showcase. The offense couldn’t get anything going all day, with Matthew Stafford looking nothing like himself for most of the game. Eric Ebron was just terrible dropping passes all over the place. Can we get some help, please?
  • The defense looked nothing like the previous four games as well. They gave up a whopping 175 yards to backup TE Ed Dickson. Yikes. Cam Newton was able to do his thing all game, without having any trouble at all. The defense needs to get things going. That combined with the inability to stop the Panthers on the most important play of the game, it wasn’t pretty.
  • Matthew Stafford is hurt. That, even with all this bad play, is the worst news. Although it isn’t too serious, he definitely looked to be in pain. This was due to the terrible play of the offensive line. Something needs to get fixed, and fast. This cannot be happening to the highest paid player in the NFL.


Game MVP:

Although he did not look like himself for the majority of the game, it has to go to Matthew Stafford. It almost looked as if he was going to pull out a miraculous comeback, but the defense couldn’t hold up their end of the bargain. Sorry, Matty. Get healthy.

His stat line: 229 Yards, 2 TD, 0 INT.

And a whole lot of hits.


Featured Image Credit – Streeter Lecka

About Tyler Bostedor

Tyler Bostedor is a Detroit Lions editor and author at Michigan Sports Zone. Follow him on twitter: @MSZBostedor

Tyler Bostedor

Tyler Bostedor is a Detroit Lions editor and author at Michigan Sports Zone. Follow him on twitter: @MSZBostedor