Week 4 NFL Power Rankings

Week 4 NFL Power Rankings

With the season basically a fourth of the way done, there are still a bunch of teams that we really don’t know how good they are. Not many people predicted the Carolina Panthers beating the Patriots in Foxboro or the Bills knocking off the Falcons. The Lions however, continue to prove they are one of the elite teams in the NFL with a win over their division rival Vikings.

Power Rankings


  1. Kansas City Chiefs- 4-0: Won vs Washington Redskins 29-20. Rookie sensation Kareem Hunt continues to impress while running for over 100 yards and keeping the Chiefs undefeated.


  1. Pittsburgh Steelers- 3-1: Won vs Baltimore Ravens 26-9. The Steelers finally were able to get LeVeon Bell going but the offense still struggled at times. A week six matchup against the Chiefs looms ahead for the Steelers.


  1. Detroit Lions- 3-1: Won vs Minnesota Vikings 14-7. This may have been an ugly game to watch but these are the games the Lions need to show they can win. The Vikings are a good team and the Lions came into their house and handed them their second loss on the season.


  1. Green Bay- 3-1: Won vs Chicago Bears 35-14. The Packers seem to have to deal with an incredible amount of injuries each season and this year is no different. Injuries are racking up all over the offensive side of the ball for them.


  1. Atlanta Falcons- 3-1: Loss vs Buffalo Bills 23-17. A home loss to the Bills is somewhat baffling but they did lose Julio Jones early to injury. The injury shouldn’t cost him anymore games though.


  1. New England Patriots- 2-2: Loss vs Carolina Panthers 33-30. The Patriots’ offense continues to be great but the defense is perhaps the worst in the league. They let Cam Newton do whatever he pleased on Sunday.


  1. Denver Broncos- 3-1: Won vs Oakland Raiders 16-10. The Broncos’ defense is going to carry Broncos to the playoffs and that’s saying a lot with how bad their offense is.


  1. Seattle Seahawks- 2-2: Won vs Indianapolis Colts 46-18. In the first half against the Colts, the Seahawks woeful season looked to be continuing. The second half however was a different story, outscoring Colts 36-3.


  1. Philadelphia Eagles- 3-1: Won vs LA Chargers 26-24. The Eagles rode LeGarrette Blount’s 136 rushing yards all the way to another close victory while keeping them atop the NFC East.


  1. Dallas Cowboys- 2-2: Loss vs LA Rams 35-30. The Cowboys’ defense was abused all day by Jared Goff and Todd Gurley but the Cowboys were finally able to get Zeke Elliott rolling a bit while scoring two TDs.


  1. Houston Texans- 2-2: Won vs Tennessee Titans 57-14. It seemed every time I looked at the Box Score of this game, the Texans were scoring another TD. Deshaun Watson accounted for five TDs alone.


  1. Carolina Panthers- 3-1: Won vs New England Patriots 33-30. Cam Newton was finally back to being himself, running and passing the ball. Graham Gano’s game winning field goal as time expired sealed it for the Panthers.


  1. Minnesota Vikings- 2-2: Loss vs Detroit Lions 14-7. So far the Vikings’ two losses have come at the hands of two of our top three ranked teams in the Lions and Steelers. The loss of Dalvin Cook for the season might send the Vikings into a downward spiral though.


  1. Oakland Raiders- 2-2: Loss vs Denver Broncos 16-10. Not only did the Raiders lose to their division rivals, they also lost Derek Carr to injury for a few weeks. EJ Manuel steps in to try to replace him. Yikes.


  1. LA Rams- 3-1: Won vs Dallas Cowboys 35-30. It is stunning to see how good the Rams actually are now after being so bad last season. Maybe Jeff Fisher is just that bad of a NFL coach.


  1. Washington Redskins- 2-2: Loss vs Kansas City Chiefs 29-20. The Redskins squandered a great chance to win this game when Josh Doctson dropped a TD pass late in game, which would have put them in front.


  1. Buffalo Bills- 3-1: Won vs Atlanta Falcons 23-17. The Bills went into Atlanta and handed the Falcons their first loss on the season. Why aren’t the Bills ranked highly, honestly, they just aren’t very good despite their record.


  1. Tampa Bay Bucs- 2-1: Won vs NY Giants 25-23. Jameis Winston impressed with three TD passes while not turning the ball over. Doug Martin returns from suspension for week five to help take the pressure off of Winston.


  1. New Orleans Saints- 2-2: Won vs Miami Dolphins 20-0. The Saints’ defense threw a shutout. I repeat the Saints’ defense threw a shutout. That might actually be the most surprising thing to take away from this weekend.


  1. Tennessee Titans- 2-2: Loss vs Houston Texans 57-14. The Titans were thought by many to be the team to beat in the AFC South; well I guess the Texans didn’t get that memo.


  1. Baltimore Ravens- 2-2: Loss vs Pittsburgh Steelers 26-9. After starting off 2-0, the Ravens are starting to show that they aren’t very good. Even against the rival Steelers, they didn’t put up much of a fight.


  1. Arizona Cardinals- 2-2: Won vs San Fran 49ers 18-15. The Cardinals were pushed to overtime by the 49ers, eventually winning on a TD catch by Larry Fitzgerald.


  1. Jacksonville Jaguars- 2-2: Loss vs NY Jets 23-20. The Jaguars have already been an up and down team this season week to week. They will see where they stand as they travel to Pittsburgh this weekend.


  1. NY Jets- 2-2: Won vs Jacksonville Jaguars 23-20. Next up for the Jets are the Cleveland Browns. Crazy to think that the Jets will most likely be 3-2 a week from now.


  1. Miami Dolphins- 1-2: Loss vs New Orleans Saints 20-0. Many will pin this loss on Jay Cutler but the entire offense looks terrible. The Dolphins need to get back to what worked for them last year, which was running Jay Ajayi all day.


  1. LA Chargers- 0-4: Loss vs Philadelphia Eagles 26-24. The Chargers got behind early which basically took Melvin Gordon completely out of the game plan. Philip Rivers needs a running game to be successful.


  1. Cincinnati Bengals- 1-3: Won vs Cleveland Browns 31-7. The Bengals finally were able to post a W in the win column even though I don’t know if wins against the Browns should even count at this point.


  1. San Francisco 49ers- 0-4: Loss vs Arizona Cardinals 18-15. I said this last week but the 49ers are actually a pretty decent team. They lack talent but they stay in every game due to pure effort.


  1. NY Giants- 0-4: Loss vs Tampa Bay Bucs 25-23. The Giants’ offense has too many weapons to continue to lose and be this bad but somehow they manage to do it.


  1. Chicago Bears- 1-3: Loss vs Green Bay Packers 35-14. The Mike Glennon era is apparently over as the Bears announce that Mitchell Trubisky will take over at QB now. It  will be interesting to see how Trubisky compares to follow rookies, Watson and Kizer.


  1. Indianapolis Colts- 1-3: Loss vs Seattle Seahawks 46-18. The Colts kept the game close for a half against the Seahawks which is about all you can ask of them as they await the return of Andrew Luck.


  1. Cleveland Browns- 0-4: Loss vs Cincinnati Bengals 31-7. With the 1st pick in the 2018 NFL draft, the Cleveland Browns select……Another Bust?



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