Michael Fulmer Injury Update

Micheal Fulmer Injury and Surgery Update

Michael Fulmer underwent season ending surgery to repair damaged nerves in his elbow. Fulmer met with Dr. James Andrews to see what his best option was and Dr. Andrews informed him that surgery would be best.

Procedure for the surgery is to move the ulnar nerve behind the bone of the elbow so it is no longer pinched or irritated by the bone.

The recovery time for Fulmer is 3-4 months, in time for Spring Training and then some.

The surgery is fairly common, according to the Tigers head trainer Kevin Rand. Tigers’ fans shouldn’t worry too much about Fulmer’s pitching post-surgery.

Most pitchers that undergo this surgery experience stiffness in the elbow 6-12 weeks after the surgery, some don’t experience any stiffness at all. Fulmer will need time to get back to his usual throwing mechanics because of the surgery.

Shane Greene had injuries a few years ago and became one of the worst starting pitchers in baseball. Part of that was because of Ausmus’ decision to keep him the rotation.

If Ausmus’ has any sense in his brain, he won’t over work Michael Fulmer in Spring Training or stretch him too early in the season.

Fulmer is an extremely hard worker. So don’t be surprised if there are rumors that he is ahead of schedule in recovery.


Featured Image Credit- Ron Chenoy, USA TODAY Sports