Grading the Pistons Offseason

Pistons Offseason Review

The Pistons have had a quiet but effective offseason that addressed what seemed to be the Achilles Heel of the team. Here are the grades for each move.


Trading for SG Avery Bradley: A+

Avery Bradley is a great two-way guard that brings the defense and offense that KCP didn’t have to Detroit. Bradley will be the center piece for this Pistons team. (I have a more in depth article here)

Drafting SG Luke Kennard: B

When the Pistons drafted Luke, they wanted someone to replace KCP and possibly come off the bench as a great scorer in his first few years. With Avery Bradley now in town, he will mostly come off the bench as a scorer, which is what the Pistons need after struggling getting points from the bench last year.

Signing PG Langston Galloway: C

Langston Galloway is another scorer that will come off the bench, he averaged 7.9 PPG in 74 games while shooting 39% from the field. The Pistons knew they needed help off the bench and showed it through the draft and free agency.

Signing SF/PF Anthony Tolliver: C

Anthony Tolliver is known in Detroit for his defense and 3-Pointers that helped win critical games. He is an still an effective scorer averaging 7.1 PPG, shooting 39.1% from three, and having a 44.2 FG% in 65 games. He will provide a spark off the bench that the Pistons didn’t seem to have this past season.

Overall: B-

The Pistons showed that they wanted to improve from last years problems and they successfully did so. Trading for Avery Bradley was a huge upgrade to a starting five with a defense that doesn’t always come through. Picking up effective bench scorers and one bench player that can defend was essential to win late in games.



Feature Photo Credit: Jose Juarez,  Detroit News