Interview With 2018 DB Commit German Green

With Harbaugh’s third year on the horizon, more and more noticeable commitments are surrounding Michigan. Coach Jim Harbaugh has an eye for talent, and in that case, don’t let the rankings of recruits fool you.

Michigan is bound to pick up some three-star athletes who are of five-star talents and will play an equal role with the team as the others. This is the case with defensive back, German Green. German Green and his brother, Gemon, both committed to Michigan on April 20, 2017.

German Green is a three-star cornerback, whereas Gemon is a four-star, both coming out of Dallas Texas. German Green is 6-foot-2-inches and nearly 170 pounds. Despite the rankings, the Michigan coaching staff sees a promising and talented player out of German Green.

German Green was gracious enough to take some time and answer a few questions with me.


Q: What was the biggest factor(s) about Michigan that ultimately led you to commit there?

A: “The biggest factor to me was the campus and the coaches.”

Q: Did you ever imagine you and your brother playing alongside one another at this level? Also how do you guys push each other to be better?

A: “We’ve always been playing with each other so we are going to keep it that way until the NFL. To push one another, all we do is compete all day everyday.”

Q: What kinds of relationships have you built with Michigan?

A: “All the coaches are like family to me and they can’t wait until I get there.”

Q: How do you want to leave your mark at Michigan at the end of your career?

A: “I want to leave my mark by being the best defensive back to ever come out of MICHIGAN!”

Q: What are your personal goals at Michigan? Team goals?

A: “My personal goal is to become one of the best defensive back’ to come out of Michigan. My team goals are to win a National Championship and have the best team in history.”

Q: Describe to me your work ethic.

A: “I try to be the best and beat my brother at everything. My brother keeps me motivated and moving. He’s a big influence on me.”

Q: Who is your favorite football player to play at Michigan? Why?

A: “My favorite player is Jourdan Lewis because he’s a Cowboy [favorite NFL team] now and he makes great plays.”

Q: Who do you try and emulate your style of play by? Explain.

A: “The players I try and emulate off of are Vernon Hargreaves III and Jamal Adams. I try and emulate VH3 because his ball skills and Jamal because of the way he attacks the ball.”

Q: How would you describe yourself as a person and an athlete?

A: “Personally, I’m a very chill and laid back person and football-wise I’m an exciting player and loves to get everybody fired up.”

German Green is one of those under the radar kind of players who will shine when the big stage comes. It would not be a surprise if his ratings continue to rise throughout his senior season. Keep an eye out for the Green twins Michigan fans.

We would like to thank German Green for taking the time out of his day to answer a few questions for us and wish him the best of luck during his senior season and beyond. German and Gemon Green are brothers first, teammates second. Having a brother-duo entering Michigan soon should be exciting for the fans. The class of 2018 is going to be a thrilling class and Michigan will be contending for many years to come.

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