Interview with Michigan Basketball Freshman Isaiah Livers

Michigan Sports Zone was lucky enough to get the chance to interview Michigan basketball freshman Isaiah Livers. With the departure of DJ Wilson, Isaiah will see early playing time this season and may compete for the starting job at the PF position. He was a 4 star recruit and ranked 73rd overall in the country coming out of high-school (according to ESPN). Isaiah had a fantastic high school career that was capped off by winning 2017 Michigan Mr. Basketball beating out Michigan State commit Xavier Tillman.

Why He Chose Michigan

Q: What separated Michigan from the rest of the pack when you were going through the recruiting process?

A: The culture and the guys around the program. They were all so welcoming my first time on campus. Also the campus itself is so beautiful.

Q: What are you most looking forward to at Michigan and the whole college experience in general?

A: I’m looking forward to playing at the next level. I feel like my game is ready for a higher level of basketball.

Michigan Coaches & Players

Q: Tell us about John Beilein. What is it like learning from and playing for a coach like that who has so much knowledge and experience and has recently sent so many players to the NBA?

A: Coach B is an incredible guy and coach. He wants to see his players perform well and he has such a high expectation for every man on the roster.

Q: I saw a picture of you with Jon Sanderson a few weeks back. Can you talk about the impact that he has on the basketball team?

A: Coach Sanderson also played a major role in my decision to come to Michigan. The impact he has on a player’s growth from a physical standpoint is not something that you get at some colleges.

Q: When I talked to Jordan Poole, he said you guys are really close and are actually rooming together at Michigan. Describe your relationship with him.

A: Our relationship is incredible. We just instantly got along and hit it off when we met last year. We also share the same goals and think we can do big things together at Michigan.

Q: Was there a current or former player for Michigan that you have leaned on for advice to help you get through this whole process?

A: The player I talked to most last year was my guy Derrick Walton Jr. He told me a lot about Michigan and what they have in-store for me. He looked out for me big time.

Style of Play and Role at Michigan

Q: Describe your game for Michigan fans who may be unfamiliar with you. Is there anyone that you compare your game to or that you modeled your style after?

A: My game is to be the best all around player I can be. Versatility is a better way to say it. I don’t model my game off of anyone in particular, I just try to study different player’s moves.

Q: I’ve heard tons of comparisons between you and DJ Wilson. Do you see yourself playing a similar role this season as he played in his time at Michigan?

A: I can see myself playing a similar role. Right now my two main focuses are defense and rebounding.

Q: What is your biggest key to getting early playing time at Michigan?

A: As I said earlier, being the best rebounder and defender that I can be will get me early playing time. All of the other stuff will play out naturally.

Mr. Basketball

Q: Mr. Basketball in Michigan is such a big accomplishment. What did it mean to you when you found out that you won?

A: I was so excited and at a complete loss for words. To be honest I was not expecting it. I was more focused on winning a state championship. But the award was such a great honor.


Q: Have you set any goals for you time at Michigan? Either individual or team goals.

A: I have mostly just set team goals. First off building promising chemistry together, and just having a fun and terrific year.

Q: The expectations for Michigan basketball will be very high next season; Do you already get the sense of that? Also do you find it hard to ignore the outside noise and expectations and just focus on getting better?

A: It has always been extremely easy for me to focus on my goals and ignore the outside noise and attention.

Q: What do you envision being your biggest challenge this season?

A: My biggest challenge this year will be adapting to the higher level of basketball.

Q: Lastly, what is something that you want the Michigan fans to know about you that they might not already know?

A: I want the Michigan fans to know that I am just as ready if not more ready than they are for the season to start. I am so excited. GO BLUE!!


Once again, huge shout out to Isaiah Livers for taking the time to do this interview. He has the potential to be a special player for Coach Beilein and we can’t wait to see what he can bring to the program.


Check out some highlights from Isaiah Livers and see why Michigan fans can’t wait to see him on the floor.


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