Interview with Michigan Commit Myles Sims

Myles Sims

Myles “Spider” Sims has been committed to Michigan since April 7, 2017. Sims, coming out of Westlake High School in Atlanta, Georgia, is a four-star cornerback and a UA All-American. He is listed as a four-star by most recruiting services, but has the talent and the upside to be a five-star before too long. ┬áMyles Sims is six-foot, three-inches and is an athletic phenomenon. The ability for Sims to track down nearly anything thrown his way and have an unreal set of skills is why he is among the Wolverines’ top 2018 recruits. According to Scout, Sims is the No. 1 CB coming out of Georgia.

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Statistics don’t lie, and this kid is going to be a force to be reckoned with when his time comes at the University of Michigan. His height, incredible hands, and impressive ball instincts should have Michigan fans begging for him to graduate high school and start making plays at The Big House.

Some background knowledge about Myles Sims is that he was born in Michigan, but eventually moved to Georgia. It seemed from the start, Michigan had a bit of an advantage considering he was born in the state. During his visit to Michigan, Sims made it clear that Michigan was his favorite amongst all of the visits he’d been on so far. He made a connection with Coach Harbaugh and loved his style. Sims also took a good look at the Ross School of Business, and was blown away, proving the decision wasn’t merely because of the athletic program.


Myles Sims was gracious enough to have a one-on-one interview with me.

Q: What was the biggest factor in your decision to choose Michigan?

A: “To change the program and compete for a Natty in the next couple years. And to get a strong degree at the same time.”

Q: What do you look forward to most about having Jim Harbaugh as your coach?

A: “I look forward to growing as a player and also as an overall man.”

Q: Who do you model your style of play by?

A: “I would say Jalen Ramsey all the way.”

Q: Have you been in contact with any former Wolverines? If so, who and what advice have they given you?

A: “I haven’t been in the contact, but I’ve chopped it up with Ambry Thomas and Josh Metellus a few times. They just told me what was the most difficult thing they had to get accustom to when they got there.”

Q: Who is responsible for making Myles Sims who he is today?

A: “Glenn GOAT Ford (CEO of @i_dareU_4life). All credit due to him.”

Q: What is your best individual performance in a football game in this stage of your career?

A: “Picking off Trevor Lawrence for a touchdown. Also, knocking the ball out from his back for a touchback as he was running to the end zone.”

Q: Can you describe to me your work ethic?

A: “I never give up or fold.”

Q: What are your thoughts about playing for over 100,000 in The Big House?

A: “Man, playing in a stadium filled with fans like that is indescribable. Probably couldn’t tell how I feel until I experience it for real.”

Q: What is your main goal about your time coming up at Michigan?

A: “I plan to win a National Title and get a solid degree.”


Here is Myles Sims’ page featuring his best plays of high school thus far.

Future is Bright for Myles Sims

A 17-year-old kid, but the maturity and pride of a grown man; Myles Sims is going to be a name Michigan fans will soon be chanting. After a brief interview, it is apparent that this kid is going places, whether it be on or off the football field.

The most intriguing thing about Myles Sims is how much he reiterated to me that it was not all about football and he was there to get a degree first, then play football. Myles Sims is the definition of a student-athlete and a great kid.

I’d like to personally thank Myles Sims for taking the time to have an interview with me on behalf of I wish him the best of luck in his upcoming senior season at Westlake and cannot wait until he is representing the maize and blue.


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Author: Blaine Tikey