2 Realistic Damien Lillard Trade LA Can Do, Rank

With Portland Trail Blazers And Los Angeles Lakers Already in the 2021 NBA playoffs, the dream Damien Lillard trade shows are already rushing into the minds of some fans.

The Portland Trail Blazers were knocked out of the NBA playoffs on Thursday, and they are facing office. They had already eliminated Terry Stots because Stots had not been able to win a championship all his time in Portland. The front office is looking for a new head coach and will need to purchase moves to change the list.

After posting a secret message on Instagram following the loss of Game 6, there is some speculation that Trail Blazers may be trading Damien Lillard. Denver Nuggets. If Portland wants to trade Lillard, it means it is going to restructure ownership. It is unlikely that Lillard will be traded, however, as Portland's door-knock teams ask for him.

It’s hard to imagine what it would cost Lillard through the trade, but to clear him of Portland, they had to get a trip. He’s the face of the Trail Blazers franchise, and they’re a playoff-competitor as long as he’s on the list. Still, the Lockers are an organization that does anything to improve their team around LeBron James and Anthony Davis. They may have the right to grant Portland an undeniable trade.

To get Damien Lillard, the Lakers have to drop picks and players. Lillard will not come cheap because he is one of the best point guards in the league. Here are two realistic deals that lockers can do to get Damien Lillard.

2- Tennis Schroeder, Montreal Harrell, Kyle Kuzma & 2 first round selections

Tennis Schroeder is about to attack the free agency, so he has to sign again and then trade. Packaging him with Montreal Harrell and Kyle Kusma helps Trail Blazers work with some talented players. Schrder is a very talented point guard, he is solid on the defensive end, Harrell is an athlete, he never seems to get tired, and Kusma will be a top character in Portland’s lineup.

Two first-round choices sweeten the deal and give Some capital for the future of Portland Drafts on the road. In this deal, Portland gets a point guard to replace Lillard, a power forward / center to reduce low power, and a small forward to help the perimeter. The Trail Blazers will be more competitive at the Western Conference, especially if they appoint the right head coach.

1- Andre Drummond, Kentavius ​​Caldwell-Pope, & 3 First Round Selections

Andre Drummond is similar to Schrder because Drummond must be re-signed first. However, packaging him with Kentavius ​​Caldwell-Pope and three first-round picks prompts Blazers' front office to trade Lillard. Drummond was around this year, but once he joined LA he proved to be a solid center again. His interior defense in Portland is very welcome and his athleticism cannot be ignored. Caldwell-Pope is a solid three-point shooter who fits in well with the Trail Blazers offense, and the three first-round picks give Portland pieces to rebuild.

Trailblazers like to have two solid centers in their rotation because we’ve seen Ens Conder and Hassan Whiteside on the team list for the past three years. Adding Drummond to the Mix And allowed Condor to walk Provides an initial measurement center for trail blazers at all times. In addition, their three-point shooting will not fade because there will be deadly snipers to extend the team even further.

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