1923 Episode 3 Recap & Review – The War Has Come Home!

1923 Episode 3 Recap & Review: The Dutton family's cattle grazing camp comes to an end in “The War Has Come Home,” the third episode of the Paramount+ Western series “1923. Cara Dutton, Emma Dutton & Elizabeth Strafford warmly greet their husbands & wives Jacob Dutton, John Dutton Sr., Jack Dutton & others upon their return to the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

Since Jacob needs to see the sheriff, the Duttons take a day off from the Dutton Ranch & travel to Bozeman. Spencer Dutton & Alexandra depart Nairobi for his next hunting expedition, but there are more dangerous animals they will have to face than a pair of leopards. The episode culminates in a shocking fight that puts the lives of multiple Dutton family members in danger. In this article, we will read about the 1923 Episode 3 Recap & Review in detail.

1923 Episode 3 Recap

Jacob & his family have finally arrived back in their hometown. Soon he'll be making his way to town to discuss the hanging of the sheepherders with the sheriff. The rest of the family decides to go into town & spend the day with him.

Jacob's decision to enforce the law on his own has angered the sheriff. But according to Jacob, the range war has already started. One of his contacts offers assistance if he ever finds himself in need.

The Dutton family has chosen to spend the night in town. Elizabeth & Jack spend the night out on the town at a bar. Spencer's new job involves tracking down a hyena that has been killing humans for sport.

A child's footprints were baked into a lava rock & he offers to take Alexandra there. He introduces himself by saying “Alex,” & she jokes that he's proposing to her. But Spencer makes a serious proposal on the spot & she accepts.

They are attacked by an elephant as they return. Although Spencer is successful in killing it, their truck is damaged in the process. Dead elephants attract other predators, so they have no choice but to spend the night in a tree.

At night, a pride of lions & a pack of hyenas arrive to eat the carcass. They hear Alexandra's screams of terror & come to investigate. Spencer begins shooting at the lions when he realizes that they are coming for them.

1923 Episode 3 Recap & Review

When men come looking for them, they are rescued. Alexandra tells Spencer that the fear of being so close to death is something she would rather not experience again. Before meeting her, Spencer says he was numb to emotion to the point where staring death in the face would make him feel something.

She advises him to stop being a hunter, but he says that was never his true calling. The Duttons take a trip back home as a family. Ahead of them, Jacob has sent his cowboys. Banner & his band of sheepherders have attacked the Dutton family.

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John is gunned down, along with Elizabeth, Jack & Jacob, before the cowboys can come to their aid. In this scene, Cara is on the hunt for a sheepherder. Jacob begs them not to call the sheriff because he fears that if word gets out about what happened.

Others will try to take his ranch from him. Cara informs Spencer of the war's outbreak via letter. She begs him in her letter to return home & defend his honor & the lives of his loved ones.

1923 Episode 3 Review

I'm speechless and full of opinions about the third episode of Season 1 of 1923. The first two episodes of 1923 were a mess. It was hard to invest time or money with everything going on.

Finally, “The War Has Come Home” combined two seemingly unrelated themes in a surprising & thrilling way. Teonna Rainwater's absence was best for the show. Her tale may become more important in future episodes, but right now it just distracts from the Duttons' development.

As I've said, it needs to be recounted as the Bass Reeves Story did in 1883. Complete the Rainwater family tale. By the end of Season 1's second episode in 1923, the audience was thoroughly immersed in Spencer Dutton's adventure in Africa & heiress Alexandra opened up fascinating new options for inquiry.

Their love story rivals television. Taylor Sheridan is a gifted storyteller & readers will want to know what happens to Spencer & Alex. The instant they saw one other, they knew they were kindred souls, but their ability to persist through their most recent ordeal solidified their connection.

With Spencer, Alex feels safe going on safari in Africa. That confidence was tested as their afternoon drive became a survival war. Even their joking shows their strong feelings for each other.

They ran to the nearest bluff & dived into unfamiliar waters, holding hands. Spencer's response to Alex's proposal was lovely. I'm sad they didn't start the Yellowstone family tree, but their legacy will carry on.

I held my breath as Spencer & Alex walked because of the Dutton women's horrible deaths. We knew they were dumb to leave camp. The images were well-done & the elephants' hurried road crossing signaled danger. An elephant charged their vehicle, leaving Spencer defenseless.

Alex's eyes widened with horror as she realized their plight, but she was still sparring with Spencer when the pride of lions rushed in to eat the dead elephant. Even though I hate seeing animals die, I didn't mind that the lions found a good meal for a moment.

Because elephants are so family-oriented, knowing this would hurt elephant families is devastating. Spencer had to act to save them, but it's nice to know that even though he kills nasty monsters, he respects them.

If Alex & Spencer's romance survived the crazy conditions, it was successful. Their marriage saved Spencer. Regained feeling. He's experiencing passion & pain. Spencer didn't want to go to America after Alex joked about her having to crawl out of the wilds. After a Yellowstone tragedy, Spencer & his fiancee are heading home.

Spencer fights imagined furry enemies. Jacob Dutton & his family face a more substantial opponent. Wild rest revenge stories abounded. Jacob avenged Banner & his men for using his land for sheep rearing. He should have realized the ranch & his family would have suffered.

In his previous episode's monologue, Jacob hoped Banner & his men would be so frightened by his actions that they would never do it again. He unleashed a dangerous evil force. In Taylor Sheridan's world, happiness between two people is transitory.

The ranch visited Boseman, which Elizabeth argues is not a city. Electricity, electric washing machines & freezers showed them the future they were promised—a more relaxed life. It was fun to see Jacob & Cara's lighter side as she rightly prophesied that greed would change the world & he questioned how he become the elderly guy in the mirror.

We hate this discovery, but it's better than the alternative. Since this hour, Elizabeth & Jack have tried to match Spencer and Alex's love. Their carefree years together weren't enough to compete.

Boseman's independence allowed the young couple to have their first sex. It's funny how different people's ideas of sex are from reality. As she fought to remove her onesie, Elizabeth was glowing.

1923 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Banner's soldiers mercilessly shot the family on the way home. This was the final carefree period for the youth. They attacked innocent individuals without provocation with almost alien ferocity. How can Banner reconcile his actions at home with his new life in America without contemplating the Duttons?

Taking revenge on persons involved in weird disputes in the American west is one thing; using a weapon more usually seen in Chicago's mob during the Valentine's Day massacre to mercilessly kill the enemy & everyone he loves is another.

Cara kills one of her pursuers in the climax. Now we know why John Sr. was so insignificant in the series. His susceptibility to unexpected illness made getting to know him futile. Elizabeth & Jack may have been injured, too.

After John & Jacob fell, nothing could stop him from protecting his loved ones. Despite Harrison Ford's lack of activity, Jacob's fate remains unknown. Spencer should go home. Cara, bring him in.

He may die slowly like Elsa. The doctor arrived in time, but the patient was shot numerous times, including near crucial organs. Emma felt nothing after her husband died. She wandered into battle. She acted instantly. Emma & her husband refused to go inside with the injured once they got home.

As the West gets rougher, only the toughest will survive. Jacob avoided the sheriff because of this. Don't declare themselves leaderless. He made Cara email Spencer. He's struggled inwardly and externally for years. With one, it's more personal.

Spencer was slain. By the time you read this, your uncle has also died. Your nephew was injured. Ranch & legacy are at stake. War threatens your house & family. You'll have to postpone your internal conflict.

Spencer & Alex's African travels will shortly end. Elizabeth's dream wedding with Spencer won't happen. Emma's heart was crushed & Cara probably lost her spouse. As the Roaring Twenties proceed, more blood will be spilled on Yellowstone over land rights, which began as foolish. “The War Has Come Home” captivated & startled us. Finally, planning is crucial.

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